166820_923676847270_2091677_nWho the heck is this guy?

Hi!  I’m Chris.  Sometimes Mr. Dunning, but usually Chris.

I play saxophone, clarinet and flute, in various styles and ensembles.   I’ve performed big band jazz with the Pecos River Brass and UNT lab bands, 50s doo-wop with the Fabulous Harmonaires, musical theater productions, wind band music with a variety of ensembles at UNT and beyond, and several bands that never made it out of the garage.

207865_10100165536201160_3149730_nI perform frequently with the 531st Air Force Band, stationed in Fort Worth, TX.  With that group I’ve traveled the country and the world, including a tour of the Middle East with the Latin rock group Gavilan Azul, bringing a little bit of home to deployed troops.

1526191_10102174951995800_240633595_nI earned a degree in Music Education at the University of North Texas.  I was pleased to be a Field Tech with the Green Brigade Marching Band this past season, sharing the teaching tasks with several others.  While at UNT I played in the Green Brigade marching band,  jazz lab bands, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band. 

Currently I teach band, jazz, guitar, and choir at International Leadership of Texas Keller High School. Our program is small, but growing!

I’m always taking on new students and looking for interesting performance opportunities – please contact me for more information!

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